We provide solutions for your industry standards.

Core Customer Segments

Domain system integrators

Commercial and industrial domain service providers

Goverment and municipal operators

Enterprise and Multi-national corporations

Our Proposition

We deliver highly robust industrial design sensor hub solutions that are quick and fuss-free.

Our system requires little to no system configuration and each sensor requires less than a minute to deploy in the field.

The entire sensor platform is plug-and-play, reusable and utilises a highly scalable architecture of up to 50,000 sensors on a single IOT network.

Our Benefits

80% reduction in time to develop custom IOT solutions for different industries

99% reduction in time to deploy sensors in the field

90% reduction of cost to develop and deploy IOT solutions based on standardised industrial best practices. (Eg. HACCP for temperature regimes)

Scalable architecture capable of supporting up to 50,000 sensors on a single network. Suitable for nation-wide or municipal-wide deployments with very high density of sensors.

White Labeling & OEM

Our OEM program allows our partners to white label all Vital Xense solutions onto or with your domain solutions and services to offer value-added services to your customers.

This provides significant benefits to our OEM partners and your customers' success:

New service creation

New revenue sources and business models

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Accelerated time-to-marketĀ