We know IOT.

History & Background

Two entrepreneurs incorporated VX in Aug 2015 after seeing the potential of IOT as a global business and having successful IOT endeavours in their earlier years.

Their expertise in designing and deploying IOT technology stems from field experience in deploying IOT across different domains over the past past two years.

In early 2016, Vital Xense embarked on building an IOT platform capable of scaling across a wide range of industries and common use cases.  The company’s aim is to become a global provider of innovative and intelligent IOT technologies that seamlessly enable our customers’ success.

Core Businesses

Vital Xense is an IOT solutions and platform manufacturer who specializes in helping businesses to monetize IOT and its capabilities to save cost and create new value for businesses.

Our cloud ready solutions and platforms enables fast and scalable IOT deployments for industrial and commercial applications which enable companies to build and expand domain expertise with a technological advantage.